Saturday, February 10, 2024

Prince Harry's visit to see King Charles was ‘calculated move': ‘It's all about PR'

Prince Harry accused of staging King Charles visit to save himself from humiliation

Prince Harry’s visit to see King Charles was ‘calculated move’: ‘It’s all about PR’
Prince Harry’s visit to see King Charles was ‘calculated move’: ‘It’s all about PR’

Prince Harry rushed back to US after vising UK to see his cancer-stricken dad, King Charles, so that he could attend NFL Honours ceremony in Las Vegas.

Following the event, multiple critics and royal experts ripped the Duke of Sussex for cutting his UK visit short so he could be able to make an appearance at a lavish event.

Speaking on the matter, Kinsey Schofield accused Harry of staging the UK visit before his surprise NFL appearance so that he would not get hate for snubbing his father.

She said on TalkTV, “I’m so done giving this guy the benefit of the doubt, what a ruthless idiot," adding, "I really do think it was all about PR, he knew if he showed up on this stage."

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Schofield continued: "To see him at this awards show, he just knew the optics were gonna look so bad if his father announced his cancer diagnosis.”

"It was almost like a necessity that he spends 30 seconds with his father so he can go, 'Look I did what I was supposed to do and now I can go back to going to these irrelevant awards shows.'"

Following his appearance, critics took to X (formerly Twitter) to bash the exiled Royal as one commented, "So Prince Harry made an unexpected visit to his dad so that he would not look bad appearing at the NFL bash after dad’s cancer diagnosis. Ok.”

"Prince Harry makes gag-filled speech at Las Vegas NFL awards bash in first public words since his father King Charles was diagnosed with cancer — but makes NO mention of his father or his cross-Atlantic dash to spend 45 minutes with him," another penned.