Dwyane Wade shares family reaction to Oscar nod

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Dwyane Wade shares family reaction to Oscar nod
Dwyane Wade shares family reaction to Oscar nod

NBA player Dwyane Wade is nominated for his documentary The Barber Of Little Rock at the Oscars. But, his family initially has a timid response to the exciting feat.

During an interview with PEOPLE, the 42-year-old shared that his family's initial response was lacklustre, as they said, "That's cool."

But, his daughter Zaya slowly started to realise the outstanding nod to his father's work, where he was credited as an executive producer.

"So I would say, to give my family a little...to cut them some slack a little bit. And so many things that go on in my life, that happens, that they'd be like, 'Wait, you got nominated for an Oscar?'" he added.

The retired NBA alum continued, "I was having dinner with Zaya, my 16-year-old daughter, and I was like, 'Oh, let me share. Let's have a little cheers moment. Share some news that your dad is nominated for an Oscar with his production company.' And she was like, 'Really? For what?'"

Noting, "And I shared with her that it was Barber of Little Rock, and she said, 'Wait a minute. My friends have been talking about it. They've watched it, they've seen it.'"

"So that was a cool moment to be able to let my daughter know that I'm on that side of the world, and we're telling some and highlighting some really cool stories that are meaningful and impactful," Dwyane said.