Scammers target Matthew Perry after death

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Scammers target Matthew Perry after death
Scammers target Matthew Perry after death

Matthew Perry is dead, but that doesn't stop hackers from hacking his X account to scam people.

The concerning development came to light after the link of the foundation to honour the late actor via donations at his pinned post appeared to direct social media users to a duplicate site where they are asked to pay in cryptocurrencies.

Responding to the situation, the Matthew Perry Foundation penned on Instagram, "We have received reports that Matthew's official X page has been hacked and is directing users to a fraudulent site soliciting donations via cryptocurrency."

The statement continued, "Please do not donate to this site or share the fraudulent posts on social media."

Adding, " is the only website associated with the Foundation, and we are only accepting donations through this site."

"This is the only official Matthew Perry Foundation Instagram account, and we will only ever post official Foundation communications," the post added.

"Please report imposter accounts, and do not submit donations through any channel other than #MatthewPerry."

Last year, Matthew was reportedly drowned to death at his residence on 28 October.