Prince Andrew ‘power move' shut down by Jeffrey Epstein victims

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Prince Andrew ‘power move shut down by Jeffrey Epstein victims

Prince Andrew’s walk for Windsor Castle memorial service has been shunned down by Jeffrey Epstein victims.

Andrew, who was also accused of sexually assaulting 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre back in the days, has been called out as he steps out for the service.

“Anyone looking at those images would think Andrew had not done a damn thing wrong,” sa victim of Epstein’s said from Florida.

"His Cheshire cat-like grin is galling. For years, we held onto the belief that we wouldn’t have to suffer this prince. It is shameful.

"It does not matter that this was a family event. It was open for all the world to see that he led the royals into the service. Andrew has steadfastly refused to tell the FBI what he knows about Jeffrey, and this appearance feels like he is openly rubbing salt into a wound that has never been allowed to heal.”

Speaking of his dominant body language, expert Judi James said: "His dominant and emphatic hand gesticulation is another power move that world leaders use to suggest dominance and authority when walking with other leaders. This sense of signalled authority is only emphasised when Andrew is seen chatting to the clergyman in full regalia who is hosting them, standing up close and personal and actually holding the man by the upper arm.