Adam Sandler breaks silence on Lorne Michaels SNL exit rumors

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Lorne Michaels is not leaving SNL, says Adam Sandler
Lorne Michaels is not leaving SNL, says Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler doesn’t believe Lorne Michaels is ready to pass the baton of the hit comedy live show Saturday Night Live, just yet.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the former SNL member shared his thoughts on Lorne’s potential retirement, he said, “I don't see that happening, I don't.

“Maybe somebody said he might, but I talked to Lorne, I don't think he's saying enough. He's rocking. He loves it.”, he continued.

Convinced that Lorne is not ready to retire yet he mentioned, “Yeah, he's doing great.”, adding that the SNL leader is still invested in the show just as he used to be when he first began, “He gets the high just like we always do, every week and he's in control.”

The speculations of Lorne’s retirement arose after he discussed possible successors with ET Online, mentioned, “It could easily be Tina Fey,” but noted that there are several other contenders.

However, Lorne did mention that he doesn’t intend on making his exit before the show’s 50th anniversary in February 2025.