Angela Bassett remembers Oscar in hands: 'Overwhelming'

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Angela Bassett remembers Oscar in hands: Overwhelming
Angela Bassett remembers Oscar in hands: 'Overwhelming'

At the start of the year, Angela Bassett was on stage receiving the honourary Academy Award for her outstanding career that spanned nearly thirty years. Remembering the moment, the actress said, it was a little "overwhelming."

During an interview with People, the two-times Oscar-nominated star said, "One of the things that always that I say to myself and to my kids is, 'Find the good and praise it,'" adding a "confluence of wondrous events," referring to her twins turning eighteen and her career was in the ascendency.

She continued, "The fact that it's happening all at the same time, it can be a little overwhelming unless you just breathe through it and remember to be grateful."

"For all of it. For what you prayed for, what you worked for, for what you dreamed of."

Her husband, Courtney B. Vance, gushed over her, saying she is "very shy" about her accomplishments.

"She'll never toot her own horn," he added. "The honorary Oscar was a wonderful night, but I flashed back to 30 years ago when they didn't call her name, and then when they didn't call her name last March."

"This was an opportunity for her to stand up there. A lot of people saw it, but not the billion people that would see it at the Oscars. But it meant everything to her."