'Dune 2' stars sleep in desert amid shoot?

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Dune 2 stars sleep in desert amid shoot?
'Dune 2' stars sleep in desert amid shoot?

Desert is an integral part of the Dune franchise as most of the scenes were shot there, and the actors, for some time, slept there in camps.

During an interview with Variety, the film’s line producer Robbie McAree opened up about the accommodations of the A-list stars in the Arabian desert.

“Where we were filming, obviously it’s close to the Qasr Al Sarab Hotel desert resort, which is great. That was our service point. It’s an amazing, amazing, hotel with great facilities.”

He continued, “So, yes, they were all there. Of course, early on, we realized that we were going to have a challenge in terms of the amount of beds.”

At first, Robbie shared that the producers were baffled by his idea of managing the shortage.

“So I kind of pitched the idea to the producers — the international producers — of essentially building a camp. At first, they were looking at me as if I had three heads.”

However, he added, “But it worked out, and it was a great solution.”

Dune: Part Two is currently running in theatres successfully.