Sydney Sweeney reveals tips for 'self-care'

Sydney Sweeney discussed her daily habits that maintain her mental and physical health

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Sydney Sweeney reveals tips for self-care
Sydney Sweeney reveals tips for 'self-care'

Sydney Sweeney just expressed her love over being a dog mom and detailed how it helps her stay happy in life.

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE magazine, the 26-year-old actress described how her furry companion plays a role in keeping her mental health in order.

"My dog, Tank, really is so important in my own self-care process," Sweeney told the outlet of her pet.

"Whether it is just playing with her, taking her to the dog park or taking her on a walk, it just lets me take a moment and unplug from everything else," she added.

The Euphoria star also revealed another habit of hers that she believes keeps her mental health intact, that is, avid reading, "Usually I'm reading. I love to read," Sweeney explained.

Sydney Sweeney also believes in maintaining physical health, she defined her go-to exercise routine as "so freaking good."

She revealed that she loves “to work out," and detailed a series of work-out moves Sweeney has incorporated, involving a redefined version of Pilates, called Solidcore.