King Charles has major regret and dissatisfaction over Prince Harry's upbringing

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King Charles seemingly has a massive regret in the way he raised Prince Harry.

This revelation has been brought to light by royal expert Ingrid Seward.

She weighed in on everything during her most recent interview with Fox News Digital.

There, she highlighted the regret of King Charles’ life and chalked it up to being Prince Harry.

While referencing it she said, “Prince Harry and King Charles were very, very close.”

“They got on incredibly well,” but “I think Charles probably regrets that he wasn’t strict with Harry and [Prince] William.”

For those unversed Princess Diana had more of a “freestyle of bringing up with children” and at the time King Charles just went along with it.

During the course of her life “Diana allowed them to do, more or less, what they wanted, which was very fashionable in those days.”

“You let children just get on with things. I think Charles probably regrets that he wasn’t a bit stricter, because it might’ve given both boys a few more boundaries.”

After all “Children all need boundaries, and I don’t think they had too many,” before or after her untimely death.