Meghan Markle behaves like ‘small child' wanting to be ‘cuddled'

Meghan Markle carefree body language decided by expert

Web Desk

Meghan Markle’s relaxed body language is highlighted to be like that of a child during a recent event.

The Duchess of Sussex, who accompanied her husband Prince Harry for the shooting of their upcoming Netflix series about polo, was spotted embracing actor Nacho Figueras' family.

Speaking about Meghan’s childish body language from the day, royal expert Judi James notes: “With Nacho's wife Delfina we can see extreme signals of tactile friendship. When Meghan approaches her to either greet or say her farewells she holds both arms out rigidly and full-length, like a small child asking to be picked up and cuddled.”

She added: "When the two women walk together their arms are round each other and their heads lean in to touch in a gesture of mutual trust and closeness, while their smiles signal pleasure in each other's company."