Meghan Markle suffers second major blow from royal fan who hijacked her website

Meghan Markle's brand American Riviera Orchard was taken advantage of by an anonymous person

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Meghan Markle suffers major blow from royal fan who hijacked her website

Meghan Markle has received another blow from a royal fan who appeared to “hijack” her website.

The fan created a UK version of her website and redirected visitors to a foodbank website. The website redirected to the Trussell Trust website and a fundraiser which aimed to raise a 1000 pounds.

The fan’s effort led to the charity receiving £18,656 by Sunday afternoon, which increased to £21,911 by Monday morning.

The Just Giving fundraiser displayed the message: "Not Meghan. Hope Meghan wouldn't mind. Thoughts with Catherine. x."

This comes after Meghan recently launched the first product from her lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard, a strawberry jam. However, royal expert Kinsey Schofield has warned Meghan that American business woman Martha Stewart is ready to take her on as competition.

Schofield told TalkTV: “Martha spent decades building her brand from a foundation of raw talent, hands-on hard work and an original vision.”

"... if she does prove to be any competition, Martha won’t hold back in trying to take her down. She’s still just as competitive as she’s ever been!”