Why Kensington Palace ‘could not let Prince Louis birthday go?'

Kate Middleton cheers on for Prince Louis despite cancer treatment

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Kate Middleton has seemingly let bygones be bygones with her latest photo of Prince Louis.

The Princess of Wales, who has released a new photos of her youngest son on his 6th birthday, has shrugged away her Mother’s Day faux pas, where she was mocked for editing the snaps.

Speaking about Kate’s courage, royal expert Dr Tessa Dunlop tells the Mirror : "It is ironic that Louis was born on St George’s Day, not his older brother, George. But perhaps the youngest of Wales children who is best suited to England’s national celebration – embodying the eccentric, happy-go-lucky spirit that plays to the more attractive side of Englishness.

"Louis’s mother, Kate, knows just how much her youngest has won hearts and minds with his theatrical antics up on the balcony – hands over ears, arms outstretched. The photo drop of her birthday boy on the Wales’s Instagram account at lunchtime is a salve for royal aficionados.

"Kensington Palace could easily have let this birthday go – Louis is only six, he’s not in line to inherit the throne, his mother is having cancer treatment, his father is trying to multi-task and the general public’s propensity towards conspiracy theories has hardly covered us in glory,” they added.

The expert continued: “But by choosing to share a photograph taken by Kate the Princess of Wales is messaging that she’s keen to let bygones be bygones. She will forgive us and our scurrilous speculation if we quietly let her resume the role of royal photographer-in-chief."