Jennifer Lopez accused of being 'nasty and rude person'

A woman claims Jennifer Lopez has issues that make her not a good person

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Jennifer Lopez accused of being 'nasty and rude person'

Amid breakup rumours of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, a woman comes forward to claim the Grammy winner is not a good person at all.

Taking her allegation to the X, the woman under the username of  @moirawebb accused the Hustlers actress of throwing unwanted tantrums at an airport where she claimed to work.

"I worked at a private airport on Long Island when J. Lo was still w/ Marc Anthony. I can confirm she is a nightmare person. I have so many stories about her being a rude and nasty person. It's gross to say, but each time she "fails" at anything, it delights me," in a now-deleted tweet she wrote.

Alleged demands, the woman says, include a strict catering order of a bucket of fried chicken from a popular food chain, according to multiple media outlets.

"1st story; She had a standing catering order, even if she was only going 20mins away that included a KFC bucket. She was flying out in the AM before they open and her team freaked out that we didn't have it. I was demanded to go get some and was given some cash by her team," the tweet reads.

She recalled pleading to the restaurant to open before their time to get the order, only to find Jennifer's plane taking off.

"I drove like a bat out of hell and had to beg them to open early and make one for her," she claimed. 

"As I'm speeding back, I look up and see her flight taking off, even tho [sic] they said she wouldn't leave w/out it. They just sent me to do that as a punishment, I guess?"