Johnny Depp's lawyer questions Diddy's apology for assault on Cassie

Johnny Depp's lawyer slammed Diddy's apology video

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Johnny Depp's lawyer slammed Diddy's apology video 

Johnny Depp's lawyer has spoken out to condemn Sean "Diddy" Combs’ assault of his ex-girlfriend Cassie.

Ben Chew described the video as a "scene of real brutality" and said it was enough to read the allegations by Cassie against him, dubbing the video even more disturbing.

Chew also slammed the video apology by Diddy and told Law&Crime's Jesse Weber: "I would not have had my client give a statement on the heels of the release of that video. And I certainly wouldn't have had him release that statement because I think it will be fodder for future examinations and deposition testimony, none of which is going to be good for Mr. Combs.”

Combs is fighting lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault by multiple women and a s*x trafficking federal investigation.

"He's just thrown out the window any potential objection to the authenticity of the video. Also, I think what he said was really not helpful at all," added the lawyer.

"What really struck me as disingenuous was he said he was disgusted at the time of 2016," he noted. 

He went on to question why Diddy waited till "2024 to come clean."