Kanye West, Adidas rivalry proves goldmine for a fan

Kanye West signed a vinyl album slamming Adidas, which sold a staggering sum

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Kanye West, Adidas rivalry proves goldmine for a fan
Kanye West, Adidas rivalry proves goldmine for a fan 

A fan is turning his Kanye West signed album into a goldmine as he is putting it on auction in which the Chicago rap star hit out Adidas.

It was a vinyl copy of Ye's fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The person had autographed "**** ADIDAS" and "YE" in February when the Grammy winner was on a Paris tour.

After the signature, his video went viral leading to many offers for the vinyl. This, convinced him, to put on at the auction block Moment in Time.

According to TMZ, the starting asking price of the piece is over $500,000. 

To put things in context, Kanye was having a public meltdown against his former business partner, and the signed copy came at that time.

Since Adidas cut ties with the Power rapper in 2022 over his unacceptable behaviour—the relationship between them remains tense.

Previously, he lashed out at the German apparel giant for what he claimed were the 350 designs that they were selling.

"Anybody who loves Ye would not buy these fake Yeezys. I never made these color ways; I'm not getting paid off of them, and adidas is suing me," he ranted on Instagram.

He continued, "As far as the system goes What yall gone do now Take my album down again Freeze my accounts again Threaten people to not work with me again All the new non approved 350's are cooorny."