Patti LaBelle teases new album with ‘baby Patti' Cardi B

Patti LaBelle and Cardi B previously collaborated to market their dessert products

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Patti LaBelle teases new album with ‘baby Patti’ Cardi B
Patti LaBelle teases new album with ‘baby Patti’ Cardi B

Patti Labelle has proved that age is just a number for her and it is not stopping her from making new music.

On May 24, the legendary singer marked her 84th birthday and revealed that she would celebrate the milestone with a new album.

While talking about her upcoming project she told Entertainment Tonight that Patti wants to collaborate with Hip Hop superstar Cardi B.

"She’s like one of my new best friends," LaBelle told the outlet. "To know that [Cardi] was into Patti LaBelle. She’s like my new buddy."

The songstress also revealed a possible date and the title of the forthcoming project, hopefully, a Cardi B-featured album.

"It should be out at the end of this year and it’s called 8065,” she added. "I’m 80 years young and 65 years in show business."

Moreover, during Tamron Hall appearance in 2023, Patti called Cardi, ‘baby Patti’ and gushed about her saying, "I’ve always wanted to meet [Cardi]. And when I met her she said, 'I’m just so excited to meet you.' She’s not a diva. She’s a beautiful spirit.”

Additionally, Cardi also told People magazine while referring to a seasonal partnership between the pair’s two dessert products, Cardi's Whipshots alcoholic whipped cream and Patti’s Good Life pies, Cardi said, "I feel like I’m not worthy, I just feel so shook, I got to take [inspiration] from [her]."