Jennifer Lopez fails to convince Ben Affleck from filing for divorce

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck reportedly staging PDA as they take time to delay divorce

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Jennifer Lopez fails to convince Ben Affleck from filing for divorce

Jennifer Lopez has failed to convince Ben Affleck to not to file for divorce as she tries hard not to be ‘too pushy’ which could ‘scare him off.’

As per a latest report, JLo has not given up on her marriage to the Gone Girl star but he is convinced they cannot keep this relationship going.

A source with information about the couple’s issue has spilt to Closer Magazine that the two decided to ‘stage PDA’ till they figure out their next step amid marital problems.

“Jen is a genius when it comes to putting on a show for the cameras,” the insider said of Lopez, revealing that she asked Affleck to put on a show till they officially file for divorce.

The insider said Lopez is “trying hard not to be too pushy as she’s afraid to scare him off even more,” adding, “Right now, the occasional staged outing is as much as he’s agreed to.”

“The rest of the time, they’re in touch, but there’s not a whole lot of communication going on. Having this all play out in front of the world makes it even worse – she wants to try even harder and prove people wrong.”

The source also revealed that Lopez delayed cancelling her tour till the last moment but eventually did so in order to spend as much time with Affleck as possible.

“As long as no paperwork is actually filed, she’s still clinging to the possibility – however remote – that they’ll be able to work things out. And if they can’t, they’ll work on the terms of their exit strategy – like when they’ll go public with it all,” they added.

As for Affleck, he is said to be half-heartedly interested in making this relationship work only because Lopez pleaded him not to rush into divorce.