Kate Middleton refuses to 'feed fodder' to scandal mongers amid cancer

Kate, the Princess of Wales, would not give in to mounted pressure to share health update

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Kate Middleton refuses to 'feed fodder' to scandal mongers amid cancer

Kate Middleton has seemingly decided she won’t feed fodder to scandal mongers and would only share about her health if she wants to.

According to a royal historian and author, the Princess of Wales did not make the news of her cancer because of the mounting pressure but because she wanted to disclose the diagnosis.

Responding to the ongoing rumours regarding Kate not making any public announcements about her health, Gareth Russell told GB News that anything is possible with the Princess of Wales.

"Anything is possible,” he said. “If the Princess of Wales decides to make another video, that is entirely within her right.”

"The Princess of Wales was always going to make an announcement about her health like she did earlier this year. I don't believe that she did so simply because several late-night chat shows decided that her health was a punchline.”

He continued: "It is worth remembering that public figures are not public property. Simply because there is feebled, unchecked and often horrendous speculation by people who should know better, it does not mean that public figures are required to pull them in at the reins or to quieten the speculation by putting their own recovery and health at risk.

"So it's possible that the Princess of Wales will make another announcement, but I hope very much that is up to her."