Maya Hawke feels grateful to be part of ‘Stranger Things'

The actress expressed her emotions as she films her third and last season of the show

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Maya Hawke feels grateful to be part of ‘Stranger Things’

Maya Hawke, daughter of Ethan and Uma Thurman revealed that she is sad upon the ending of Stranger Things.

During the premiere of Inside Out on Monday, the 25-year-old actress gave insights into filming of the final season of the hit Netflix series.

She told Entertainment Tonight that filming of the last season of the series is full of emotions, she said, “It's already starting to be heartbreaking.”

Hawke noted that saying goodbye after her third season is hard for her while many of the other fellow cast members have been on the journey of Stranger Things for the past eight years.

“I mean it's the end of a really long journey. Longer for some of my castmates, even, than me,” she added.

“It's really sentimental,” the Inside Out voice-over artist admitted.

Further, Hawke mentioned that she is ‘grateful’ for being part of the show, “As a late addition cast member, I feel like it's my job to facilitate their feelings and just be grateful and excited to have been part of it all."

It is pertinent to mention that Stranger Things final season's production is going in full swing and is expected to premiere in early 2025.