'Interview with the Vampire' director addresses Tom Cruise 'miscast'

Tom Cruise starred alongside Brad Pitt in 1994’s 'Interview with the Vampire'

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Photo:  'Interview with the Vampire' director addresses Tom Cruise 'miscast'

Brad Pitt reportedly supported Tom Cruise's casting in Interview with the Vampire, as per the flick’s director.

For those unversed, Tom Cruise starred alongside Brad Pitt in 1994’s film adaptation of Anne Rice's novel as the main antagonist.

Recently, The Telegraph reported that the movie’s director Neil Jordan weighed in on the infamous Tom Cruise “miscast” allegations in his memoir.

The 74-year-old filmmaker reportedly penned in an excerpt, “Brad Pitt had agreed to play Louis and somehow assumed Daniel Day-Lewis would be playing Lestat, an assumption shared by Anne.”

He continued to reveal that when he “offered it to Daniel, who read it, and, as I expected, didn’t want to play the character.”

Reasoning this rejection, Neil recalled, “A few years before, he had confined himself to a wheelchair to play Christy Brown in My Left Foot,” continuing, “he would have had to sleep in a coffin for the entirety of this production if he followed the same practice. So we moved on,” and then he cast Tom Cruise.

In a separate chat with The Guardian, Neil previously shared about the backlash which was then endured by Tom Cruise, “The entire world said, ‘You are miscast.’”

“He’s a great actor. If he says he can do something, he will do it in a way that people will be shocked by. Tom has become the last remaining film star. It’s kind of strange,” he said of the 61-year-old actor before concluding the chat.