Lily Allen makes shock admission about 'dishonesty' in new project

Lily Allen recently launched podcast 'Miss Me?' alongside close friend Miqueta Oliver

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Lily Allen and Miqueta Oliver shared rare details about their BBC podcast, Miss Me?

Recently, both friends started their podcast called Miss Me?, but in a new confessional with The Guardian the duo claimed that they did not enjoy the freedom of speech doing this gig.

Citing the reason for this alteration as BBC’s political impartiality rules, Lily revealed that one of her remarks had to be removed from the podcast.

Lily kicked off the topic by saying, “I was talking about reproductive rights, and Roe v Wade,” and addressed, “and I said that, at the Met Gala, there were enough people in that room to have really moved the needle about that.”

Spilling the beans on what she was told about this remark, she mentioned, “And the legal department was like, ‘That sounds like a call to action’, and it had to be edited out.”

“I still don’t understand the guidelines,” the Smile crooner added.

Miqueta agreed with her pal saying that it will sound “ridiculous for us not to talk about important s*** that’s going on that we care about” on their show.

“Miss Me? has got to be the truth,” Miqueta declared and boldly claimed, “Otherwise, what’s the f******* point?”

“That’s why people like it, because it’s just the truth. And the truth is messy,” she insisted before signing off from the discussion.