Prince William proves Prince Harry's right about King Charles' fatherhood faliure

Prince Harry’s claims that King Charles was never much of a father has just been proved by the future King of England, his heir and first son

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Prince William proves Prince Harry’s right about King Charles’ fatherhood faliure

Prince William has just made a shocking confessional in favor of Prince Harry, and it relates to the way he dealt with fatherhood responsibilities when his songs were toddlers.

In the eyes of Ms Daniela Elser, a royal commentator and expert, this is damning evidence proving Prince Harry’s claims all along.

She weighed in on this during one of her most recent pieces for

In that piece she compared the two Father’s Day images shared by Prince William and his three children.

“Unfortunately this second shot, in what was clearly meant to be a sweet gesture towards the King, is actually damning evidence that backs up one of Harry’s core claims – namely that their ‘Pa’ has largely flunked at fatherhood,” Ms Elser began by noting.

Not to mention, “The contrast between these two photos shared by the Palace, in what amounts to something of a friendly fire incident, is wince-worthy.”

She also went in great detail later on and admitted, “Here we have one shot showing William affectionately gathering his children to him as they do some beachy bonding and he explains to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis why other families don’t require a minimum of three footmen and an undersecretary for an afternoon seaside amble. Still, it’s the Prince of Wales in full-blown dad-mode and it’s charming stuff.”

“And in the other image we have Charles demonstrating that his idea of parenting seems to have been a lacklustre prodding of a soccer ball with the toe of his hand stitched brogues, all while dressed in woollen double-breasted grey suit, and done in the vague vicinity of the toddler prince. There is no eye contact between father and son nor physical contact nor anything quite so bourgeois as human feeling."