Kate Middleton needs to ‘starve the crazy' in Meghan Markle row

Kate Middleton is in desperate need for the crazy to be starved in her row against Meghan Markle

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Kate Middleton needs to ‘starve the crazy' in Meghan Markle row

Experts fear Kate Middleton is in dire need of Meghan Markle’s help to ‘starve the crazy’ as its her own fanbase making allegations against the cancer-stricken Princess.

For those unversed, it relates to the fact that she allegedly has no cancer, but instead chose to stay within Palace walls for a face lift.

The entire thing has been referenced by royal commentator Daniela Elser, in her piece for News.com.au.

In the piece in particular she refernced how its always the Sussexes camp that delivers such harsh claims against Kate Middleton and Prince William.

According to Ms Elser this is because, “They have positioned themselves as standing for kindness in the swirling cesspool that is all too often the digital highways and byways”.

This comes despite the fact that they “worked to establish themselves as leaders in the righteous fight against the more toxic nether regions of the web.”

All in all, Ms Elser believes, “This is one of those situations where there are no good or easy solutions.”

However at the same time she did make it clear that “Harry and Meghan, let me stress here, are not responsible for what their fandom might do or say online, any more than the Prince and Princess of Wales are responsible for what fans might do or say online.”

“Both the online Wales and Sussex armies here have attracted online rabid supporters who often battle it out online, including posting unbelievably malicious and false claims.

However, “There is a definite and strong case to be made that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should not engage with the sickening Kate claims being made by those who purport to back them.”

Because “If they directly refuted this latest madness, it would only give these loony theories oxygen and publicity. Starving the crazy or at least denying them any crumb of worthiness of attention makes perfect sense.”