Prince Harry nightmare as 'forever home' becomes 'brief stop'

Prince Harry spoke about heartache after giving up home

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Prince Harry nightmare as 'forever home' becomes 'brief stop'

Prince Harry fondly spoke about his forever home in memoir 'Spare' after leaving UK.

Writing in his best selling 2023 book, the Duke of Sussex revealed how he was forced to leave his beloved abode in fear of losing his sanity.

Writing about a visit to Frogmore Cottage after flying from the UK, he said: "How beautiful it all is, I thought. And also how sad.

"Once upon a time, this was going to be my forever home. Instead it had proved to be just another brief stop." Harry had returned to Frogmore Cottage after Prince Philip's funeral.

He added: "When my wife and I fled this place, in fear for our sanity and physical safety, I wasn’t sure when I'd ever come back. That was January 2020. Now, fifteen months later, here I was, days after waking to thirty-two missed calls and then one short, heart-racing talk with Granny: Harry... Grandpa s gone."

Prince Harry left the Royal Family back in 2020 alongside wife Meghan Markle and son, Prince Archie. The couple later accused the Royal Family of showcasing racism towards their son and publicly shared their grievances on television. Harry and Meghan now live in California, where they also welcomed their daughter, Princess Lilibet.