Billie Eilish explains why she hates the word ‘fan’

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September 18, 2021

Billie Eilish addresses the real reason she hates calling anyone a ‘fan’

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Billie Eilish explains why she hates the word ‘fan’

Singer and songwriter Billie Eilish recently explained her dislike for the word ‘fan’.

Billie Eilish addressed his dislike of the word ‘fans’ during her interview with Drew Barrymore and was quoted saying, “I think that the reason that it was so weird to me was because one moment I was a fan and then suddenly, I was looked at as this higher up suddenly.”

“Even when I was 14 and it was so weird because I was like, I’m not even anyone. I just make music, and these kids that I feel like I already know suddenly [be] like oh, they’re Billie fans, and then there’s Billie.”

“And so, that’s why it was so weird to me, but I think of them as like, literally my skin, like part of me, and like how I get through stuff and, you know, they always have my back and like they’re fans, just as much as I’m a fan. That doesn’t make them any less than me or anybody else you know?”

Check it out below:

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