Selena Gomez drops tips to manage depressive spirals: ‘Pick up the phone'

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December 03, 2021

Selena Gomez shares her personal step-by-step guide towards escaping depressive spirals

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Selena Gomez drops tips to manage depressive spirals: ‘Just pick up the phone’

Award-winning singer and songwriter Selena Gomez recently shared some tips that have helped her manage depressive episodes.

Gomez shared her step-by-step guide in an Instagram upload for the official WonderMind account.

In the video, she could be heard saying, "Sometimes I'm not good at it. It just happens. I'll just wake up and I struggle maybe sometimes just getting out of bed."

"What helps me, first and foremost, [is] just picking up the phone and calling someone."

She also went on to say, "Also I suggest working out. I hate working out! It is not fun. I've been doing intense boxing classes recently, and it has really helped me get a lot of frustration, but also just energy, out, and it feels so good."

Check it out below:

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