Prince William ‘would shield’ Prince Harry from Diana’s struggles: report

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December 07, 2021

Prince William reportedly worked hard to ‘shield’ Prince Harry from the struggles Princess Diana used to face

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Prince William ‘would shield’ Prince Harry from Diana’s struggles: report

Prince William was reportedly the one who safeguarded Prince Harry from all the struggles that followed Princess Diana during her time in the Royal Family.

The editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, Ingrid Seward made this claim.

During her interview with Express UK, she explained how Prince William would offer to act as the buffer between Prince Harry and Princess Diana during some of her worst days.

She was quoted saying, "I mean they were singing Tina Turner's simply 'The Best' on the way back to school because they didn't want to go back to school so they thought let’s all sing and be happy, but the other thing is that William actually took on a lot of his own mother's angst and he shielded Harry from it.”

“Any of these very well known stories which people that follow these things will remember like when Diana locked herself in the bathroom and was crying her eyes out, William pushed tissues under the door.”

The royal biographer was also quoted saying, “Then there's another story which I think Diana herself told on Panorama about when she was very unhappy William would go and buy her chocolates and she would tell William about her unhappiness so this young man, he was 14 or something at the time probably less 13/14 was taking on his mother's unhappiness and he shielded Harry from all that.”

Before concluding she also went on to say, "Harry I don't think knew what was going on at all. He was too young, so not only did William protect Harry, but he took a lot of it on board himself.”

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