'Meghan Markle blames others for her own mistakes'

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December 03, 2022

'Meghan Markle blames others for her own mistakes'

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Serena Kodila Regan has claimed to be the new Head of Audio at Meghan Markle's Archewell Audio.

Meanwhile it has been claimed that previous Head of Audio Rebecca Sananes has gone silent on social media.

The claim made by a royal commentator could not be confirmed independently.

"It looks like Rebecca left Archetypes in October. She was hinting back then too," claimed another source.

"Is Meghan acting out again blaming others for her own mistakes," said a social media user while commenting on the development.

The Duchess of Sussex invited the likes of Serena Williams and Mariah Carey on her podcast which recently came to an end with the recording of the final episode.

While many Americans admired Meghan's work, majority of royal fans in the UK didn't seem to like her podcast.

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