Prince William 'shouted' at Harry because he was losing 'wingman': Expert

Prince William gather sympathy for screaming at Prince Harry

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December 30, 2022

Prince William is garnering sympathies from a royal expert after Prince Harry accused him of screaming.

The Prince of Wales shouted at the Duke of Sussex as he decided to leave his royal role, reveals Harry in his Netflix docuseries.

Defending the gesture in a recent podcast, royal commentator Russell Myers said: “One thing really struck me about this Sandringham Summit [was] when he's talking about William shouting because it's his family that is going to be affected by this. He's going to take on a lot more responsibility.”

Mr Myers continued: “I've got a bit of sympathy for William here because he stood to lose the most. Charles is probably going to plod along and his life isn't going to be that much affected, but William’s reign is going to be really affected.

“He's lost his wingman. He's lost half of the Fab Four — two people who could have really taken some of the strain in order for him to spend more time on his projects and his family, which is really important to him, and the knock-on to his kids as well. So no wonder he was a bit heaved," they noted.