Arnold Schwarzenegger’s co-star says he's a 'true leader' on FUBAR set

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May 31, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s co-star Fabiana Udeno shares her working experience with action star

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s co-star says he's a 'true leader' on FUBAR set

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s co-star Fabiana Udeno has recently gushed about action star for his leadership and improvisation skills.

Fabiana, who starred alongside Arnold in new Netflix series, FUBAR, told Fox News Digital, “He's a leader who's a true leader in every way.”

She continued, “Arnold can get the crew, the cast everybody inspired. He can focus and rehearse and be on.”

But then quickly, just not taking himself so seriously, make everybody laugh. And he's genuinely curious about people when he has the time to ask questions, and they're always great questions,” revealed Fabiana.

Elsewhere in the interview, Fabiana stated Arnold is a family man and in love with his kids.

“I think we know that family is important to him, and he has shown it certainly in his personal life how friendly he is and how tight the family is. And that's something … to command respect,” explained the actress.

Fabiana also shared that she learned the art of “improvisation” from Arnold on the set of their new show.

“One of the things he does when he works is that he likes to improvise, which I didn't expect,” she disclosed.

Fabiana continued, “I remember once he really started improvising, and I was kind of like trying to get it back on to the script because I wasn't expecting it. And then he kept improvising. So, I go, ‘Okay, let's go for it,’ you know? So we improvised this whole thing that it never made it into the final edit.”

“But what it did is gave us colours and different exploring [of] the characters,” added the actress.

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