Robert Pattinson's Mickey 17 release update: report

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February 21, 2024

Award-winning ‘Parasite’ director Bong-Joon Ho’s new venture Mickey 17 gets a new release date, as announced by the...

Robert Pattinson's Mickey 17 release pushed to a new date

Award-winning director Bong-Joon Ho joined hands with the acclaimed Robert Pattinson in 2022 for the Sci-Fi film Mickey 17.

However The SAG-AFTRA strike­ in 2023 had an effect. The movie production hit pause for months and the rele­ase date moved from March 29, 2024, to January 31, 2025.

For those unfamiliar, Mickey 1 is a movie adaptation of the 2022 book Mickey 7 by Ashton Edward. It follows the story of expendables (space colonists) sent to colonize an ice world. However, the fantasy novel took a twist and revealed that when a crewmember dies, their body is restored to a new one with most of his memories intact. Hence Mickey 7, who is the 7th iteration of Mickey Barnes.

Ashton Edward also released a sequel to his book with the same theme, Antimatter Blues, but whether the sequel gets its movie adaptation or not remains to be seen.

This change­ upset X users as they use­d social media to voice their worrie­s over the delay.

A used expressed his disgruntled sentiments and shared a gif of family guy’s Peter Griffin going on a rampage at home.

Another user unpleased with the delay shared, “Have to wait 11 more months”, and a picture with overlayered text: ‘pain’.

While a third fan wrote, “This means ‘Mickey 17' Release Date Postponed”, with a gif of a sulky Stanley Hudson from The Office.

Despite the audience’s discontent with the movie’s delay, anticipation remains high for Mickey 17 as the director Joon-Ho marked his eighth directorial effort and is expected to add his trademark spin on the beloved book’s adaptation.


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