Concern raises over Kanye West treatment of Bianca Censori

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February 21, 2024

Expert advises Kanye West to pay more attention to Bianca Censori after a recent outing

Concern raises over Kanye West treatment of Bianca Censori

At their latest outing, Bianca Censori seemingly was not looking amusing with Kanye West at a recent football match, prompting an expert to sound the red alarm.

On Tuesday, the event in question was a Champions League match between Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid.

For the match, the Power hitmaker opted for a full face-covering mask. At the same time, his wife matched his black theme by wearing an oversized jacket.

In a chat with The Mirror, the body language expert Judi James said, "Kanye appears to be keen to suffer for his art here in the exact opposite way to his wife, Bianca."

"While Bianca's nearly-nude outings have previously made her the centre of attention, Kanye's version of Harry Potter's invisibility cape here would turn the focus on himself for once while his wife is fully covered up," the expert referred to bizzare oufit of Ye.

She continued, "This is extreme masking, even for Kanye, and presumably uncomfortable to wear, especially at a football match, which usually involves some form of audience participation."

Advising the Chicago rapper, Judi said, "It's debatable whether his eye coverings mean he can see his beautiful wife at all."

"But if he can, he might like to pay attention to her slightly dour facial expression that hints this is not a totally fun, carefree experience for her."

Noting, "Her eyes are looking down as they walk together, suggesting the line 'Have you met my husband?'

"Is not at the ready and that she might prefer to not see the reactions of people around them."

Apart from the power couple, Ty Dolla $ign joined the pair in the stands.


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