Taylor Tomlinson 'wittily' explains 'empathy' in Netflix special

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February 22, 2024

Taylor Tomlinson released her Netflix special, 'Have It All' on February 13, 2024

Taylor Tomlinson has just gotten candid about what empathy feels like in a relationship during her third Netflix comedy special, Have It All, which was released on February 13, 2024.

In a hilarious reel uploaded by the 30-year-old comedian on her official Instagram account, in collaboration with Netflix, Tomlinson deemed explaining empathy to a “tall, handsome, white guy” as a “delicate conversation.”

Acting out her comedic gig, she started¸ “Okay, imagine that you’re me.” Switching to a deeper voice she delivered her punchline, “But I’m not,” earning the laughter of her audience.

“Imagine you’re a basketball player,” Tomlinson said switching to an immediate quirky look saying, “Okay.”

After garnering more laughter, the After Midnight show host continued, “You’re a basketball and you’re a really great teammate.”

“Your team is not appreciating you. For all you do. For the MVP that you are,” switching to a passive aggressive tone, she said, “And this week… your team… forgot your birthday…”

As the spectators enjoyed, the comedian added, “Now how does that make you feel?” In her manly voice she stated, “That s****,” and immediately countered it with a relieved “Yes!”

Taylor Tomlinson garnered much appreciation for her third Netflix special titled Have It All, which remained as the top ten most watched series on the OTT platform for a week followed by its release.


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