Prince Harry reentry into Royal family would be the end of them

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February 22, 2024

Prince Harry reportedly telling friends he would resume Royal duties amid King Charles’ cancer

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Royal family has been given a stern warning that the public will stop paying for them if they welcome Prince Harry or his wife, Meghan Markle, back into the family fold.

Recently, a report by The Times that claimed the Duke of Sussex has been telling friends he would “step into a royal role” to help his father, King Charles, out amid cancer.

Dragging the father-of-two over his audacity to even think the public would accept his return, royal biographer Ingrid Seward said Harry doesn’t understand the damage he has caused.

"Harry should have been more careful really what he said, but he probably does think that he could walk back in, but he certainly couldn't,” she told GB News’ host Nana Akua.

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Sharing the same sentiments, the host agreed, before further bashing the Duke, "If anything the British public wouldn't have it anyway, because we're paying for them.”

"So that would pretty much be the end of the Royal Family if he thought that he was just going to come in,” she added.

Akua said she would “probably lose a little bit of loyalty” for the Royal family and would stop paying for them if they ever decided to let Harry in the family fold.

Discussing reports that Harry offered help to King Charles during his short UK visit following his shocking diagnosis, the host said, "He is saying that he could help out.”

“Maybe. I mean, it's almost as though he has literally no understanding of the damage that he's caused and that he thinks he can just simply offer himself back in at some point."


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