Travis Kelce's ‘boyfriend mode' on display with Taylor Swift at Coachella: Watch

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift enjoyed Ice Spice's performance at...

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April 14, 2024

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Travis Kelce was in his “boyfriend mode” at Coachella with Taylor Swift.

Travis and Taylor enjoyed her pal Ice Spice's performance, with the Grammy winner throwing her hands in the air and enjoying.

Body language expert Judi James analyzed Travis’ body language at Coachella, saying, "Hot from his own solo stage performance at his graduation, Travis is in boyfriend mode here with Taylor at Coachella."

"Travis would be the ideal date for Coachella or any gig, with his incredible height and those wide, well-cushioned shoulders making him the perfect man for a girl to shoulder-straddle while the acts are up on stage,” she remarked to The Mirror.

"Instead though he does more of a ‘Leonardo in Titanic’ move here, standing behind Taylor and mirroring her enthusiasm as she waves her arms in the air to applaud the act," she noted.

"Taylor and Travis’s body language as they walk along backstage is very date-night with hand-holding as Taylor waves at her fans.”

Travis and Taylor celebrated Easter together with Jason Kelce and his wife and kids. The NFL hunk and his brother also attended an honorary graduation ceremony.

"Travis’s beer-swilling performance at his graduation might have suggested he’d be more suited to the mosh pit but he does seem to be on his best behaviour here with his superstar girlfriend in tow," Judi concluded.