Prince Harry accused of ‘lying on visa' to get US residence

Prince Harry under a tricky position with his new visa

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April 25, 2024

Prince Harry latest visa update has seemingly become a source of embarrassment for him.

The Duke of Sussex, who is accused of lying on his American visa application about his drug abuse back in the days, has landed himself on a sticky situation.

Royal expert Jennie Bonds tells OK magazine: "This is a sticky situation for Harry to find himself in. There seem to be only three possible conclusions: he lied in his visa application, he lied in his book, or he has been made a special case by the American authorities. All of these signal an embarrassing outcome for Harry.

"I suspect a way will be found to preserve his reputation and his visa, but he does seem to have boxed himself into a tight corner. Given the prevalence of drugs, I don’t imagine for a moment that Harry’s application is unusual, (assuming he denied drugs)."

Jennie concluded: "I hope they don't succeed in making an example of him just because of who he is. He has found love and happiness and freedom in the States. I hope he can continue to enjoy it."