Travis Kelce responds to matchmakers' jokes after Jimmy Fallon show

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's love story remains a hot topic with new matchmakers taking credit

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May 25, 2024
Travis Kelce responds to matchmakers jokes after Jimmy Fallon show
Travis Kelce responds to matchmakers' jokes after Jimmy Fallon show

NFL star Travis Kelce doesn't shy away from romance with his popstar girlfriend Taylor Swift and he also doesn't hesitate to appreciate those who helped set them up either it seems.

Recently, NFL commentators Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson jokingly took credit for the high-profile matchmaking during their appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show.

A video of that episode was shared on the show's Instagram where Fallon can be seen asking Andrew and Thompson if they predicted Kelce and Swift's relationship.

“Yes Jimmy, we are responsible,” Thompson confirmed on the show.

“That was you who did that, thank you,” Fallon said as he laughed off. “As a country, we’re thanking our servicemen and women, but we really have to thank you for what you’ve done for all of us. You brought us Taylor and Travis, oh my God.”

"You're welcome, America," Thompson replied with a laugh.

In response to the clip, Kelce commented and thanked both Andrews and Thompson. “For America!!???????? [laughter emoji] Charissa and Erin are the best! [celebration emoji],” he wrote.

Fallon took the joke a little further and asked Andrews and Thompson how they made Travis and Taylor 'an item' later on too.

Andrews and Thompson explained how they joked on their podcast earlier about Swift dating Kelce after he mentioned wanting to meet her.

"He had mentioned on his podcast that he went to the show, wanted to meet her afterwards, didn’t get the chance to. So we just started talking about it on our podcast saying, ‘Taylor, do this for America. Date him.’ I mean, the guy, he’s not ugly by any means,” Thompson continued.

“We were advocating early on. And he was very sweet and he commented and he was like, ‘I owe you guys big time,’ so then of course everyone gives us credit. We, you know, we'll take the credit. But I just love both of them and I’m so happy to see them happy.”

This comes after Kelce's teammate Patrick Mahomes claimed he played a role in setting them up by inviting Kelce to Swift's concert, where they allegedly hit it off.