Kerry Katona unable to cope with her daughter's future plans

The former Atomic Kitten hitmaker opens up about her heartache watching her 'golden child' move out

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May 28, 2024
Kerry Katona unable to cope with her daughters future plans
Kerry Katona and her daughter, Heidi, walk out of Phantom of the Opera on February 20

Kerry Katona has confessed to having a hard time accepting her daughter's plans.

Heidi, 17, is ready to embark on her new journey as she hopes to attend a performing art school in Liverpool.

While the mother-daughter duo are celebrating the new beginnings with a London getaway, Kerry has admitted to finding it difficult to cope with the news.

"Heidi and I are going to have a little date night in London this week as I’m doing some work there and I’m taking her along. We have such a laugh together – she’s my golden child," Kerry said in an OK! Magazine column.

"She’s moving to Liverpool to go to a performing arts school in the summer once she finishes her GCSEs and I’m really going to miss her. I can’t cope!"

Kerry maintained that she's not the only one who's finding this transition difficult, noting that Heidi, too, is 'a mummy's girl'.

"She hates to admit it, but Heidi is definitely a mummy’s girl, so she’ll miss me too."

The mum of four shared that while she will still have two more children to come home to after seeing two of her daughters make plans to leave the family nest.

"Soon I’m only going to have Max and DJ at home, who will still be at each other’s throats", she added.

Just last week, Kerry announced that Lilly, her daughter with ex husband Brian McFadden, has decided to move to Ireland.

"Lilly is looking for a fresh start so has decided she’s going to move over to Ireland to live with her grandparents on her dad’s side," Kerry wrote in a column on May 20.

"I think it’s a good thing because she’s 21 so it’ll be nice for her to stand on her own two feet, she rules the roost at our house."

"Heidi has been doing her GCSEs at the moment and I’m so proud of her. She’s going to drama school once she’s finished and honestly is so talented. It makes me emotional that DJ is going to be the only one left in school", she concluded.