Jennifer Garner talks emotionally about dad William's death

Jennifer Garner and her mom Pat opened up about her dad William's death

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June 24, 2024
Jennifer Garner and her mom Pat opened up about William's death

Jennifer Garner and her mom Pat gave an emotional interview about the actress’ late father William who passed away in April.

Today host Hoda Kotb touched on the subject by saying: “Another thing we admire about you is your husband passed a little bit ago, and I can only imagine how hard it was to get out of bed, to just start another day, but one day you just decided, ‘Today's the day."'

Pat responded: “Well I pretty much decided anyway, before, that I would be all right. I was so worried about being a widow and then one day I had an epiphany, “You will be alright.”

“And I really have been alright. Now, I miss him and I so wanted to tell him I was gonna be on the Today show,” Pat added as Hoda wiped away tears.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hoda talked to the Elektra actress about her tribute to her father on Instagram when he passed: “Oh yeah, I mean how lucky to grow up with parents like mine. I've always been aware of it, my sisters and I are... we're always really aware.”

Jennifer also praised her mom, saying, “I mean, I have a pretty special mom. So, my mom is not judgmental of people or of things or if things are happening to you. She is just kind of gifted at giving to people and seeing what people need and just quietly taking care of them.”