Tuesday Sep 27, 2016

The art of social pressure

KARACHI: In his latest work, called ‘A Monochrome Episode’, visual artist Syed Hassan Mujtaba aptly uses one shade all over to highlight how the need to conform turns society into a factory churning out its youth like a product.

The carbon copy like portrayal of children in the series created with charcoal and lead on paper, reflects the inculcation of the conformist mindset right from the start.

Like the psyche that encourages uniformity, the portraits show dull, silhouette or shadow like versions of the children lacking spark and depth.

Talking about the control imposed on young minds the artist says societal structures and standards condition us to fit in, adjust and perform.

Mentored by the likes of Salima Hashmi, Rashid Rana and David Elesworth at the Beaconhouse National University of Lahore, Mujtaba has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

His first solo show in Karachi is to continue until September 30th, at Sanat gallery.