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Saturday Feb 11, 2017

Yasir Akhtar, the singing sensation, is back with 'Aram Nal Kar'

Yasir Akhtar, the singing sensation, is back with 'Aram Nal Kar'

MANCHESTER: Yasir Akhtar always comes up with something unique and extra ordinary. This time he is back to top the charts again with his brand new single "Aram Nal Kar".

He will be performing live for the first time in Manchester on Saturday 18th February at a local restaurant. Yasir's Sansani bagged nearly six million views and his brand new single is the talk of the town.

The singer made a name for himself and introduced many mega superstars in Pakistani drama, music and the film industry. He has worked on many projects in the UK and Pakistan.

Yasir has always made overseas Pakistani proud with his love for Pakistan. He was part of the Pakistan parade in Manchester and recently released a patriotic song when Pakistani cricket team was touring Britain.

Yasir Akhtar, in an exclusive interview with Geo News, said: "His new track is based on Bulleh Shah's poetry featuring Martay Mackenzie and I have added an exclusive line in it too, which is also the title of the track. Aram Nal Kar's music arrangements will amaze you as I have mixed it with Punjabi and hip hop music. The video is amazing and the response we have got so far is unbelievable".

He added: "Bulleh Shah's poetry is very close to my heart as it has a message. This event we organising on the 18th February in Manchester is a family event. Pakistani and British-Asian artists will showcase their talent and culture. We urge families to come and show their support for music and Asian culture with their friends and families".

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