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Friday Jan 05 2018

'Chupan Chupai': Ahsan Khan's best performance yet!

Ahsan Khan surprised us with yet another marvellous performance in Chupan Chupai — his latest film that hit theatres on December 29, 2017 — wherein he plays a comical role of a kidnapper who falls in love with an imaginary pari (fairy, played by Neelam Munir).

Khan has proved he is the most versatile actor in Pakistan once again.

Considering how we recently saw him in a negative role in the superhit drama Udaari, suddenly shifting from a villain to a comic hero is not only a major risk but also a difficult task to accomplish!

However, Khan flawlessly managed impeccable performance in both roles. Neither are the theatrics and subtleties of approaching a character such as this taught in any film school, nor can one learn them by watching other actors perform.

Comedy is probably one of the most difficult genres to be executed perfectly, because, should the star fail to make the audience laugh, their career takes a hit and leaves the audience vague and unsure of their choice of the acting.

Fortunately, Chupan Chupai — with Khan's impressive acting — had the audience in stitches. Directed and co-written by Mohsin Ali, the movie will leave one hysterical, with its well-timed punch lines and twist and turns.

Chupan Chupai revolves around Babu (Khan), Teeli (Vajdaan Shah), Koki (Ali Rizvi), and Faddy (Zayed Sheikh), the four of whom decide to kidnap an honest minister's not-so-honest son Faizan Khawaja but end up in a slapstick situation: at the wrong side of the notorious police officer Chaudhary (Adnan Jaffar).

Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed of Soch have done a marvellous job with a melodious soundtrack, with chart-toppers such as "Sadqa" and "Jhoom Le".

Every actor looks the part and played their characters tremendously well — especially the new ones.

Apart from Khan, the movie was the debut for the rest of the main cast, all of whom managed to perform exceptionally well.

Ali Rizvi, in particular, stole the limelight, followed by Faizan Khawaja. Munir also looked stunning throughout the movie and proved her mettle.

Chupan Chupai comes as a breath of fresh air for the Pakistani cinema, especially after disappointing releases such as Arth and Rangreza.

With the movie creating hope for the Pakistani cinema's, this is a must watch if you are in the mood to entertain yourself.


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