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Sunday Jan 14 2018
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Nadia Jamil, Frieha Altaf speak up about painful childhood abuse memories

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Female celebrities in Pakistan have started to speak up. In short yet eloquently worded messages, Pakistani media personalities are opening up regarding the issue of childhood abuse on social media platforms. 

In a post on Twitter, renowned Pakistani actress and activist Nadia Jamil revealed she was only four year old when she first endured sexual abuse.

The actress shared her painful memories in order to increase awareness among people about the issue of child abuse, which has gained widespread attention following the brutal rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab from Kasur.

The actress said: “I was 4 the first time I was abused sexually. I was in college when it blew out of proportion. People tell me not to talk to respect my families honour. Is my families honour packed in my body? I am a proud, strong, loving survivor. No shame on me or my kids. Only pride 4 being me.”

The strongly worded message is a bid by the activist to make survivors speak up and not associate it with honour.

Meanwhile, in a series of revelations induced by the reporting of child abuse cases, media personality and entrepreneur Frieha Altaf also shared her own painful story.

Altaf said she was abused by her cook at the age of six. 

“My parents took action but everyone remained silent as if it was my shame. At 34 I realised how it had impacted my life. The only shame is keeping SILENT,” she tweeted.

Following the news of little Zainab's murder, people from all walks of life in Pakistan showed outrage and deep sorrow. Apart from that, media personalities focused on the solution to the problem and spreading awareness regarding the issue of child abuse.