Wednesday Mar 14 2018
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Noor Bukhari launches YouTube channel to share religious transformation

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Former Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari has launched a YouTube channel to share her religious transformation.

The former actress made headlines last year after she announced that she was leaving the entertainment industry.

Earlier today, Bukhari shared a video on her official YouTube channel  where she plans to show how she “turned towards religion”.

In her first video, Noor spoke about how she decided to make her own channel to interact with fans directly after discovering numerous fake accounts of herself. 

She also revealed that along with sharing her journey of transformation, she will also give fans beauty and fitness tips.

The actor mentioned that from childhood till present day, her life has been a “roller coaster ride.”

Bukhari starred in Mujhe Chand Chahiye opposite Shaan Shahid. She bagged leading roles in several movies over the years such as Billi, Tere Pyar Mein and Ghar Kab Aogay.

She also ventured into the drama industry with projects like Uff Yeh Larkiyan and Mere Angnay Mein.