Teefa in Trouble’s star-studded premiere stuns fans

The stars, in their jubilance, were at a loss for words at the ceremony

Nadia Faisal

“Teefa in Trouble”— which marks debut for both Ali Zafar and Maya Ali in the Pakistani film industry — had its star-studded and glitzy premiere on Thursday, a day before its official release.

The wait for Pakistani fans is almost over as the much-awaited film ‘Teefa in Trouble’ will get released on July 20.

The stars, in their jubilance, were at a loss for words at the ceremony. Speaking to Geo News, musician and actor Ali Zafar said that he is extremely excited for the film.

“I cannot explain my excitement in words, you guys made it a hit even before release,” said the actor.

He said that it is a huge day in his life and the movie was made keeping in mind that it has to be a film of great caliber.

“This is the first time a Pakistani film will be released in 25 countries, out of which, 10-15 countries will see a Pakistani film’s screening for the first time,” said Zafar.

He further said that the film projects a softer and positive image of Pakistan, which will appeal to a global audience.

About the film’s Director Ahsan Rahim, Zafar said that he filmed his first video “Chhano” with him.

“I have worked with Rahim since I was struggling as a musician… It was a dream to work with him in a movie, which has come true,” said the lead actor.

He urged fans to go watch the film, adding that ‘it will be a house full in Dubai upon the film’s release’.

“Nervousness at its peak, but fingers crossed”

Film’s female lead Maya Ali was a vision in black at the premier. Barely containing her enthusiasm, the debutante said that she is quite jittery but hopeful.

“Nervousness is at its peak but fingers crossed,” said Maya Ali.

She said that working with Zafar was an overall good experience as she learned a lot from the actor, who she said was quite supportive.

About her role in the film, Maya Ali said that she portrays a girl who has much clarity in life and doesn’t need anyone to tell her anything.

She urged fans to watch the film in cinemas at their earliest, “otherwise they will miss out on something great”.

Films’ Director Ahsan Raheem received an overwhelming response and cheers from the crowd upon his arrival. Speaking to Geo News, he said that he knows Zafar since the past 10 to 15 years.

The movie took two years to be made, but those were the most memorable two years, said the director about his debut film.

The film marks debut for Ali Zafar in the Pakistani film industry, who has already proved his mettle in Bollywood with hits such as ‘Meray Brother Ki Dulhan’, ‘Tere Bin Laden’ etc. 

In Pakistan, the film will be released under the banner of Geo Films. The music of the film has also been composed by Ali Zafar, who has written the lyrics and sung them too. 

The film is mostly shot in Poland and Pakistan apart from one song which is filmed in Bangkok. The first spell of shooting was in Lahore which lasted for 40 days, the second spell in Poland lasted for almost 35 days and then another four to five days of shooting occurred in Bangkok.