Polish audience praises Qawwal Imran Aziz Mian for incredible musical performance

Syed Sibtain Shah

WARSAW: Pakistani qawwal Imran Aziz Mian's performance on Sunday received tumultuous applause by an audience during a cultural collaboration programme organised here at the Asia and Pacific Museum in Poland's capital city.

Playing the harmonium and providing vocals, Mian was joined in presenting folk music by fellow Pakistanis Irshad Ali and Muhammad Asif and Polish musicians Maria Rumińska, Kamil Rogiński, Marcin Rumiński, Marcin Drabik, and Jacik Fedkowicz.

Imran, the son of the Indian subcontinent's leading traditional qawwal late Aziz Mian, who was famous for his own unique style, presented Sufi folk music, with a special focus on poet Shah Hussain's works, including “Maye Main Kino Akhan, Dard Wechory Da Ni.”

The musical event, “Poland-Pakistan Music without Borders," is an initiative of the Polish Embassy in Islamabad, started a few years ago, in collaboration with Pakistan’s Foundation for Arts, Culture & Education (FACE). A number of joint cultural shows have been held so far in Pakistan and Poland under this unique programme.

Speaking to Geo News at the end of his Warsaw show, Mian spoke of how Pakistan needed more cultural exchange programmes in order to build a soft image of the country abroad. He was proud for representing his motherland, he said, adding that he tried his best to boost respect by offering a message of love and peace through his performance.

Rumińska, the Polish artist, told Geo News that such joint cultural programmes would help bring the two nations closer to each other, will enhance bilateral relations, and provide a better understanding of culture and lives of the peoples of the two countries.

Noting that she had visited Mian's country twice, Rumińska explained that she understood Pakistani people were peaceful and proud of their culture. The two musicians also talked about matters related to the bilateral ties based on traditions during dinner hosted by Suleman Mehboob, a noted socialite, at a Pakistani restaurant in Warsaw.

During his stay in Poland, the Pakistani qawwal's delegation has staged performances alongside the Polish musicians in two other cities: Olsztyn and Gniezno. Similar shows have been held in Islamabad and Lahore in the past.