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Tuesday Apr 23 2019
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Away from press, Fawad Khan meets a superfan

Web Desk

Wishes do come true. They certainly did for Amna Raheel, a young and inspiring motivational speaker, who met actor Fawad Khan - and that too on her birthday.

Raheel, a superfan, tweeted that recently she was approached by a well-wisher on social media, who sent her a voice note of the celebrity wishing her on her big day.

But that wasn’t all. A simple audio recording wouldn’t do. Khan wanted to meet his fan in person for tea.

Raheel writes that she was “super anxious” waiting in the hotel lounge wondering “what if he turns out [to] be a disappointment?”

To her surprise, he turned out to be exactly how she would hope he would be.

“Trust me, he was friendlier than I actually thought he would be,” she wrote. The two chatted for two hours. 

Raheel admitted that Fawad Khan told her not to post their pictures on social media, as it would be seen as a publicity stunt. Raheel didn’t agree. “I think this gesture of his deserves to be made public,” she tweeted, “It’s not everyday when you’re lucky enough to have tea with Fawad Khan.” True. It definitely isn’t everyday.

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