Monday Sep 09 2019
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Mehwish Hayat's meeting with Nick Jonas sends social media into meme frenzy

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An edited picture with Priyanka Chopra's face superimposed on that of Mehwish Hayat (L), Mehwish Hayat with Nick Jonas (C), an edited picture with Priyanka Chopra superimposed by the side of Nick Jonas (R). Twitter/Mehwish Hayat TI (@MehwishHayat) and Saad (@OverLord_Xd) and Laraib (@ThandiLaash)/via Geo.tv

Pakistan's Mehwish Hayat met American singer and the husband of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, on the weekend as both were attending the US Open Men's Semi-Finals in the US and unsurprisingly their photo sent social media into a meme frenzy.

"Guess who I ran into at the US Open Men's Semi Finals in New York," Mehwish wrote.

"One thing we both agreed on was that we were both rooting for Rafael Nadal," she added.

But the picture was enough for people to make memes and jokes out of it.

Social media user @HiTweeties was responded with a gif of an exasperated Priyanka.

"PC right now."

"You look way better compared to his 'embarrassing' wife. Food for thought for nick," wrote another.

"I dont think he knows that you roasted his wife a month back," wrote @AsadSultan18, referring to Nick's apparent lack of knowledge about South Asian media, while another added: "I guess he has no idea how Mehwish roasted his wife few days back."

"Is he completely clueless/oblivious? Yup," added another.

Some just simply used Internet-famous phrases like "Mehwish Rocks' Priyanka Shocks".

User @LaibaK_ made a pun we cannot be more proud of!

She wrote: "Priyanka, are you hayat?"

Many others commented on PC's embarrassing Photoshop edit from a few days ago.

"At least, this ain't photoshop'd," said @hammadrais32.

"Can't wait for priyanka to Photoshop her face in this pic amd embarrass herself," wrote another.

@BrokenPensieve said: "@priyankachopra do your thing."

"Waiting for Priyanka to photoshop this now," said one user.

Some, on the other hand, already did what they expected Priyanka to do.

"First thing Priyanka Chopra's gonna do when she wakes up tomorrow," @ThandiLaash tweeted.

"Hey @priyankachopra I did it for you before you could embarrass yourself," tweeted @OverLord_Xd.

A few noticed how happy Nick looked.

"Lol I have seen Nick happy after a long time."

Numerous others made jibes at Priyanka, using the words she had used to unjustly silence a Pakistani fan who called out her hypocrisy.

"Nick: prianka listen! i can explain...

Prianka: you done venting?!"

"Wonder how Chopra feels about her husband 'Fraternizing with the enemy'."

"We're all here for love."


Priyanka: Whenever you're done venting..."

"I can hear priyanka venting."

Some others, however, were using sexist stereotypes about women.

"Mehwish hayat the real MVP.

*Hit them where it hurt*"

"Women fight better than men."

"@priyankachopra already wants a war between Pakistan and India, this would just fuel her desire for it."

"pakistan or india ki larai is had tk bhar gai hai k ab pakistani larkiya indian larkiyu ki talakein karwayen gin [The fight between Pakistan and India has intensified to such an extent that Pakistani girls would lead to Indian girls getting divorced]."

Yet, a rare few called out the sexism and hypocrisy, again.

"It's just a photo, don't read too much into it. She coincidentally met him at the semi finale. Ye koi fazool Indian TV serial nahi hai jismein har aurat ek hi male lead pe giri mar rahi hou."

One social media user was very happy at how the picture was "so wholesome".

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