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Wednesday Oct 09 2019
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TV series 'Alif' receives applause from Humayun Saeed

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Actor Humayun Saeed says he was 'blown over' with the first episode of 'Alif'. Photo: Humayun Saeed Instagram

Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed has showered praise on the latest TV series Alif in a lengthy Instagram post and said that he was "blown over" with the first episode. 

Sharing a black and white picture of himself with the cast of the televison series, Saeed said, “Blown over after watching the first episode of Alif. An all-round fantastic effort by the entire team.”

The actor then delved into details and the acting skills of the cast and the producer, who happens to be his wife, Samia Humayun Saeed.

“Beginning with Umera Ahmed, credit goes to her for the soulful yet refreshing concept. All the actors, Hamza, Sajal, Kubra and even young Pehlaaj are simply outstanding, looking forward to Manzar Sahab and Ahsan’s performances as well," Saeed wrote on Instagram. 

He continued, "Impeccable direction by Haseeb Hassan. But most of all, extremely proud of Samina and Sana for consistently maintaining excellent production quality and executing this project with so much passion and hard work.” 

Saeed added that the project was a “big risk” as it did not have a “run-of-the-mill plot”.

“I hope you will continue to deliver such clutter-breaking content. After watching Alif, it seems that our industry is headed in the right direction and I really hope it will go on to change the landscape of TV production in our country,” he added. 

Alif premiered on October 5.

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