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Saturday Oct 19 2019

Junoon enthralls audience in US during world tour

Junoon enthralls audience in US during world tour. Photo: Facebook @Junoon

Pakistan’s legendary rock band Junoon after making their striking comeback are now taking the United States of America by storm and flaring up fans who are travelling from all across the globe to witness the magic firsthand.

The super trio have been captivating the audience seven seas across and are getting a warm reception from the Pakistani diaspora who were taken on a trip to nostalgia with a taste of home, in a foreign land.

Junoon enthralls audience in US during world tour. Photo: Salman Ahmed

“Our concert tonight was attended by thousands of fans who travelled from all across America with some flying in from Los Angeles, Canada and numerous from Connecticut, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Washington DC,” said Salman Ahmed in a conversation with Geo TV.

“We are extremely grateful to our media, especially Geo TV who publicized the entire tour for us,” he added.

Junoon enthralls audience in US during world tour. Photo: Salman Ahmed

“This Pakistani mela has been setup with a lot of effort courtesy of Rehan Siddiqi. The event will comprise of sufi music and will be attended by not just overseas Pakistani but also a large number of Americans as well as some notable figures including ambassadors and noteworthy people from the United States State Department,” he went on to say.

With the iconic band back together and charming audience all across, fans who have grown up listening to their melodic tracks are more than ecstatic to get a chance to see their favourite rock band perform once again.

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“You have another Junooni travelling all the way from Singapore and giving a miss to U2 in Singapore for Junoon,” says an excited mother of two.

“Really looking forward to tonight. I’ve got 4.5 hours of road tripping to get through all of my Junoon CDs! I’m coming with my younger sister, who first introduced me to Junoon when I was 15 and she was 10,” says another hyped-up fan.

Rob Schroeder, writer for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal was also blown away by the performances as he said: "I loved the Junoon show for bringing together people and cultures from the East and West for a night of fun."

Junoon enthralls audience in US during world tour.

The iconic rock band after holding concerts in Houston on October 12 and Trenton, New Jersey on October 18, will be performing in Dallas on October 25, San Jose on October 25 and Chicago on October 26.

Junoon will be rocking Canada on November 1 with their concert in Toronto, before heading to Bangladesh for their Dhaka show on November 16.

The band will also be performing in Dubai on November 29.